Medicover Eiffel Klinika 1062 Budapest Teréz Krt 55-57.

Phone+36 (1) 465 3100

Elérhetőség, kapcsolat, bejelentkezés - Medicover Fogászat



1062 Budapest Teréz Krt 55-57.
Eiffel Square,ground-floor passage

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00
Appointment booking: +36 1 465 3100

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carBy car

1. From Octogon take the right from Teréz Körút to Podmaniczky utca, then by passing first traffic-light turn left to reach garage of EiffelSquare Office Building.
2. From Margit Híd at Nyugati tér it is recommended to go down at Jókai utca, then turn left to Podmaniczky utca.
3. From Ferdinánd-híd enter into Podmaniczky utca, than take the first turn on the right.

footOn foot

From Teréz körút, take the passage of Eiffel Square Office Building (aprox. 1 minute walk from Teréz Körút).


Customer parking place is accessible from Podmaniczky utca. 20 parking places are available for the Medicover Clients at level -2. Storage for bicycles is available at same level.


Enquire here,

Enquire here,
+36 (1) 465 3100