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Implants – the perfect life-long tooth replacement solution!

This state-of-the-art tooth replacement technology, which is the procedure that causes the least damage to adjacent teeth, makes it possible to replace a lost tooth by the insertion of an artificial tooth root (dental implant). The implant, which is an artificial tooth root, is placed in the jaw bone. After the bone formation – healing time, dental crowns and bridges are fixed by means of special superstructures.

Advantages of dental implants:

  • Life-long dental solution for tooth replacement
  • Implantation allows healthy teeth to be preserved by not having to chisel them for teeth replacements
  • Not carcinogenic
  • Implants do not corrode
  • Implants are not allergic or toxic and made of biomaterial

Alpha Bio implant on sale:

  • Free consultation and dental check up with our implant specialist
  • Free personal treatment plan
  • Free OP (Orthodont panoramic) x-ray
  • Alpha Bio implant
  • Implantation
  • Healing screw
  • Free stiches removal
  • Free controlls appointments

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Why do we offer Alpha Bio implantation system at our dental clinic?

  • More than 20 years of international experience
  • Life-long guarantee
  • Quality and reliability based on several decades of research
  • Biocompatible implant materials
  • Fast and easy method of implantation
  • Excellent price-quality rate

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Inserting implant

Crown on implant

Crown on implant

Bridge on implants

Bridge on implants

Implantation and restoration on implants:

Based on scientific procedures and certified clinical tests implantation is a 100 % painless and safe procedure resulting in an endurable, comfortable és fully esthetical restoration.

The whole implantation procedure (from implantation to final restoration) varies in each case. For an overview of implantation procedure and helaing period plase see table below:

Possible treatments prior to implantation
(not necessary in case of each patient)
Treatment Healing period
removal of unwarrantable tooth sometimes implantation can be done immediately after tooth removal, while in other cases 3-4 weeks is necessary for the jaw bone to heal before implantation
bone augmentation the jaw bone needs 4-6 months healing period before implantation
sinus lift (before implantation in upper jaw) minimum 6 months is necessary before implantation in case of sinus lift
Steps of implantation procedure Treatment Healing period
implant placement or implantation after implantatation the jaw bone needs 4-6 months to ossify around implant
implant exposure, placing healing screw after implant exposure doctor places a healing screw that remains for 3-7 days in the mouth
fixing abutment and crown final restoration (crown, bridge, fx denture or other type of restoration) is made by doctor within 4-5 days in cooperation with dental laboratory

It is important that patients doesn’t have to be toothless till final restoration placed in the mouth since durable temporary restoration is available for this period.

  1. Implant consultation and planning
    During consultation, our physician evaluates the patient’s panoramic X-ray image. If the patient’s general condition and bone mass is satisfactory to perform the implantation, a personal, individualized treatment plan is recommended after the consultation examination. Further examinations or CT imaging may be ordered by the physician if it is considered necessary.
    All the patient’s questions will be answered during the examination and he will also be informed about the possible surgical procedures and the potential treatment complications.
  2. Implantation
    Implantation is considered an ambulatory surgery procedure that causes minor strain to a healthy human body. The treatment lasting 30-60 minutes is performed in local anasthesia, therefore it is painless. In some cases jaw bone can be moderately painfull for 1-2 days after implantation but ache might be easily terminated by painkillers. Implantatation is made by
    Our surgeon or implantologist performs the procedure: once the bone is prepared for implantation and channel for implant is drilled in the bone the implant is inserted int he jaw bone, then according to surgery protocolls patient is informed of healing period and necessary duties for faster recovery.
  3. Healing peroid
    The patient’s task is to maintain perfect oral hygiene, and to take the prescribed medication accordingly. The sutures are removed after one week. Following that time, in the next 3-6 months, the inserted implant will heal under the gums. Healing time is determined individually based on bone quality.

  4. Final restoration
    Following the healing period, an abutment is fixed on the implant, and the final restoratin (crown, brige, fix denture or other type of restoration) is prepared in close cooperation with the dental laboratory .
  5. Follow-up
    Long-term success of the implant and restoration can not be guaranteed without careful oral hygiene, therefore maintaining and – if necessary – improving the patient’s oral hygiene is very important. Our dental hygienist are eager to provide comprehensive recommendation concerning dental hygiene.
    After restoration patients are recalled for follow-up at least every six months to examine oral hygiene, and the function and stability of the implants. Periodical check-ups are necessary for guarantee claims.

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7+1 reasons,
to choose Medicover dental services

  • We welcome you in the heart of Budapest, in our modern and exclusive clinic
  • We apply the latest technology and quality materials
  • Highly trained, skilled team with international experience
  • We offer quality with guarantee, at an excellent cost-value ratio
  • We provide comprehensive specialist services
  • We offer guarantee of our treatments
  • Superbrands and Best of Budapest awards
  • Painless Treatments

Medicover’s Quality Assurance is based on the application of the ISO 9001:2008 and MEES (Hungarian Health Care Service Standard) standards, which define unified requirements for health care sector service providers.

Medicover’s dental service, M Dental also applies these standards and its experts have proven their professionalism and devotion in the course of a successful audit performed by SGS Hungária.

Implantation solutions for jaw-bone without teeth:

  • Bridge with screws built on 6 or 8 implantsBridge with screws built on 6 or 8 implants
  • All on 4 in the case of insufficient boneAll on 4 in the case of insufficient bone
  • Locator or stage on 4 or 6 implantsLocator or stage on 4 or 6 implants
  • Prosthesis fixed on 2 implants by a ball-retention superstructureProsthesis fixed on 2 implants by a ball-retention superstructure