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Aesthetic, clear fixed braces
for the price of metal braces:
HUF 200,000
instead of HUF 240,000!


Many people are afraid to smile because of their teeth, even though orthodontics are becoming increasingly popular among both children and adults. This is attributable partly to society’s increased need for pleasing aesthetics and also to our health consciousness. We now know that proper chewing is required for good health and digestion, not to mention the fact that a perfect smile is also part of a person’s beauty.

These goals can easily be reached with orthodontic treatment at any age. There are now a multitude of orthodontic products available on the market, from the traditional cemented metal braces to invisible clear braces. And we are here to help everyone find the braces that suit them best.

There are many misconceptions about braces, such as:

  • if someone missed proper orthodontic treatment as a child, they shouldn’t get treatment as an adult
  • children outgrow tooth position abnormalities, so there is no need for orthodontics
  • adults cannot use orthodontics
  • orthodontics require teeth being pulled in the majority of cases

Medicover’s dental services provide professional solutions for everyone!

Adult orthodontics:

The old belief that adults cannot have orthodontics is not true anymore! It is never too late to get braces!

If they only require a more perfect smile, adults can have a simple aesthetic treatment. Functional treatment aimed at treating malocclusions is a little more difficult, as orthodontics are often required to straighten crooked teeth resulting from missing teeth and to later provide dental restoration. Functional orthodontic treatments are always provided in cooperation with the expert who will be performing the tooth restoration. Braces can also be used to treat improper bites and the resulting problems.

When planning treatment for adult patients, the primary factor is the aesthetic nature of the entire face and providing a smile that matches the person’s face. In light of the above, we select the approach that best meets the patient’s needs.

The types of braces offered to adults:

  • Tooth colored passive self-ligating braces (Damon Clear)
  • Passive self-ligating metal braces (Damon Q)
  • Clear invisible braces (Clear Aligner)
  • Repositioning and stabilization splints

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The “Damon” Technology

The Damon technology is a system developed by the American doctor Dwight Damon. It is based on light biologically-sensible forces.

Compared to traditional orthodontics, Damon type braces use a friction free technology. By decreasing the friction between the braces and the wire, teeth can be moved with a smaller input, even in adults. Thanks to biological forces, treatment times can be even faster than with conventional orthodontics and, even more importantly, is less damaging to your teeth. In most cases, using the Damon system can help avoid pulling teeth and there is no need for palatal expanders or headgear. This makes the whole process of wearing braces that much easier.

Damon Q:
Metal orthodontic system.


  • the same as self-ligation braces – it can be used to solve any problem
  • uses passive forces
  • least damaging to teeth
  • treatment is faster than conventional orthodontics

Damon Clear:
Self-ligation braces with clear brackets.


  • the same as self-ligation braces – it can be used to solve all problems
  • it is tooth colored and therefore invisible
  • uses passive forces
  • least damaging to teeth
  • treatment is faster than conventional orthodontics

Clear invisible braces (Clear Aligner)

This is the ideal orthodontic treatment for adults and involves orthodontics with clear, invisible splints. The method is suited to correct small aesthetic problems and is not applicable for malocclusions or functional problems.


  • totally invisible
  • easily removable at any time
  • high level of comfort
  • easy to clean

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Repositioning and stabilization splints

We offer additional accessories to supplement orthodontic treatments. These are available at our clinic and help attain perfect results.

Orthodontics for children:

The most important factor for children is supporting the proper exfoliation of permanent teeth; by using this natural process, the chin can be suitably positioned and a good bite is attainable.

Treatment is offered to small children of 4-5 years primarily to help quit bad habits. The treatment for cross bites should also be started around this age. Myofunctional trainers that help muscles evolve correctly are usually necessary.

Removable retainers can be used between the ages of 6 and 12 to help correctly influence the growth of the jaws and for the remaining teeth to grow properly. Conventional treatments and osteopathic devices are both available.

Cemented Damon braces are recommended for bigger children and teenagers to provide them with the best possible smile.

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