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Screening and consultation


Screening and consultation

Your teeth shouldn’t just be pleasant to look at and well groomed because they are necessary for a confident and happy smile. Besides the aesthetic component, a healthy smile also plays an important part in maintaining your health and preventing disease. That’s why dental screening should be done regularly every year.

Call our Call Centre at +36 (1) 465 3100
to a make a free appointment for screening and consultation.


Why is regular dental screening important?


  • For children:
    • screening provides an opportunity for both children and parents to learn about healthy oral hygiene and a health-conscious lifestyle
    • regular screening can help keep children’s teeth healthy
    • regular screening can help prevent complicated and expensive procedures for permanent teeth
  • For adults:
    • when performing screening, our dentists can spot problems that don’t have symptoms yet but require treatment
    • alterations that only require minimal intervention in the beginning can end up needing complicated and expensive treatment if they
    • the majority of cancerous illnesses can be prevented and, if they are diagnosed at an early stage, are treatable

Dental screening and consultation steps

1. Free panoramic radiograph*
2. Oral examination:

Comprehensive screenings include our dental professionals checking the state of your teeth, gums, joints, mucous membrane, tongue, palate, pharynx, and the area under the tongue, with especial emphasis on any areas with complaints. The screening also includes an examination of the jaw bones around the root apex and checking for any signs of inflammation or tenderness by evaluating the taken x-ray images.

3. Oral care and hygiene consultancy
4. The preparation of a unique written treatment plan and consulting
with a professional

Call our Call Centre at +36 (1) 465 3100
to a make a free appointment for screening and consultation.


7+1 reasons to choose Medicover Dental

  • We have a modern exclusive clinic in the heart of Budapest
  • We use the most modern technologies and quality materials
  • Our dentists and implantologists are professionals with great experience
  • We provide quality (ISO 9001 certified and SGS certification) and a guarantee for our work with an excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • We provide comprehensive care: general treatments, oral surgery, implantation
  • We provide a guarantee for the treatment we provide
  • Superbrands and Best of Budapest awards
  • Pain-free treatments

Our dental facilities provide the following pain-free and comprehensive care:


  • dental hygiene treatments
  • dental x-ray
  • tooth whitening
  • dental implants
  • orthodontics
  • implantation
  • dental conservation
  • oral surgery

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*We will charge a HUF 8.000 fee if you would like to keep your panoramic radiograph.