We are situated in the heart of Budapest, next to Nyugati Railway Station, at Medicover Fogaszat, in the building of Medicover Eiffel Clinic. As one of the largest private health service provider in Hungary, we are offering medical services in a range of 38 specialities, besides dental treatments.

Our Medicover Eiffel Clinic is equipped with the latest technology diagnostic tools of each field of medical services from general medicine to optometry. Our highly qualified team of 60 specialists, speaking multiple languages is realizing 80 000 examinations a year in the heart of the clinic.

Medicover has 3 clinics in Budapest (Medicover Alkotas Clinic, Medicover Eiffel Clinic, Medicover Hospital) and we also have our Center of Improved Diagnostics (CT scan, MRI scan) within the Hospital.

Medicover Fogaszat at Eiffel Clinic is responding to the highest expectations, from simple dental treatments to the complex oral surgery and implantation procedures. Our experienced dentists are using the latest technologies and methods.

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