Dental sterilization and safety

Dental sterilization and safety

In the Medicover Eiffel Clinic, the safety of our patients is highly important, so we strictly follow high sterilization and hygiene standards. We keep all the details and go beyond European dental standards and pay attention to the regular maintenance of our equipment. At our clinic, sterilization processes are continuously monitored by both internal and external professionals.

In order to protect your safety and health, we use the most advanced methods of sterilization and disinfection.

We own an ISO 2008: 9001 certification, which is reviewed every year, guarantees compliance with EU health standards at our clinic.


We comply the directives defined by all governmental or professional organizations. These are the following:

  • Using of disposable supplies, including gloves, masks, needles.
  • All equipment are thoroughly cleaned then sterilized using an ultrasonic device followed by a screening and further manual cleaning.
  • Sterilization of all devices including dental hand-held instrument in computer-controlled autoclaves.
  • Regular maintenance of all devices and equipment by following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Disinfection of durable plastic tools by immersion in sterilizing liquid

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