Dental Check-up

Why is regular Dental Check-up important?

Nice and well-groomed dentures also confident and happy smile are not only important for its aesthetic, but it is also for health prevention. It is therefore necessary to perform take part in check-ups regularly, annually.

  • during the screening, our dentists could recognize problems, even if it doesn’t have symptoms yet, but requires treatment
  • the changings initially requiring minimal treatment, but it could later serious interventions require
  • Cancer diseases are largely preventable and well treatable if they are recognized on an early period
  • regular dental check-up can prevent later serious and costly treatments

What happens during a dental consultation?

Oral examination

Our specialist examines the condition of dentures, gums, joints, mucous membranes, tongue, palate, and region under garages and tongues with a special attention on those parts where our clients have complaints. The evaluation of X-ray images is part of the check-up, examination of the jaw around the root nodes, identification of possible inflammatory signals and sensitivity screening

Oral hygiene consultation

Discussion of the individualized treatment-plan with our specialist

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Why choose us?

  • Modern, exclusive clinic in the heart of Budapest
  • Latest technologies and quality materials
  • Well-trained, experienced dentists and oral surgeons
  • Quality (ISO 9001 certification, SGS certificate) and warranty, excellent value for money
  • Complete care: general treatments, oral surgery, implantation
  • Treatments with warranty
  • Superbrands and Best of Budapest prizes
  • Painless treatments

Dental treatments

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