The cost of all ceramic crowns

In case of extensive dental caries or injuries, the tooth may hurt or discolor. This does not necessarily result the loss of the tooth. When the tooth is injured and discolored, our dentists can usually do the prosthesis by using a tooth crown. All ceramic crown is one of the most natural restoration solution regardless of whether it is a single crown or bridge or a crown secured on a dental implant. The all ceramic crown has no frame.

The whole crown is made of ceramic, that’s why it looks so natural and aesthetically perfect. All ceramic crowns are made with a special, computerized CAD-CAM system. The process of their preparation is almost completely automatized. At our clinic we only use premium quality materials for the preparation of all ceramic crowns.

What does the price depend on?

The cost of all ceramic crowns depends on the complexity of the treatment and the materials used. Below, you will find three common examples for different types of replacements (single crown, three-unit bridge, complete bridge). The price changes depending the number of teeth being replaced (our estimate does not include other treatments that might be necessary depending on individual needs).

The price of a single all ceramic crown

Crowns are a type of dental restoration that is placed onto the part of a tooth above the gum line or onto a dental implant.

Treatments Pcs Price/Pcs Total
Panoramic x-ray 1 6 000 Ft 6 000 Ft
All Ceramic Crown 1 85 000 Ft 85 000 Ft
Total 91 000 Ft
Placement of a single dental crown

The cost of all ceramic crowns for a three-unit bridge

A bridge is a dental restauration made of two or more crowns. They can be used for partial or complete restorations, but in every case, they need to be supported at least on two points to ensure their stability. Bridges are generally supported by natural teeth, but they can also be placed onto implants (artificial roots).

In case just one tooth is missing, the two adjacent teeth can be used as abutment to support the bridge. After the preparation and reduction of the two supporting teeth, an impression is taken, and then, the cast is sent to the laboratory to construct the three-unit bridge. The middle unit of the bridge replaces the missing tooth and the two adjacent units are fixed onto the prepared teeth for stability. The bridge is bonded to the teeth with a special dental cement.

Treatments Pcs Price/Pcs Total
Panoramic x-ray 1 6 000 Ft 6 000 Ft
All Ceramic Crown 3 85 000 Ft 255 000 Ft
Total 261 000 Ft

The price of a complete all ceramic bridge

The complete bridge can be an ideal solution if the majority or all of the patient’s teeth is missing, that is not aesthetic. If the patient has no tooth at all, the bridge needs to be placed onto implants (the cost of implants and abutments are not included in the below estimates. To learn more about the cost of implants, click here).

Treatments Pcs Price/Pcs Total
Panoramic x-ray 1 6 000 Ft 6 000 Ft
All Ceramic Crown 12 85 000 Ft 1 020 000 Ft
Total 1 026 000 Ft
Full bridge on 6 dental implants

All ceramic crowns are high-quality, and very aesthetic restorations. The colour of the crowns match the natural teeth perfectly. All ceramic crowns are tissue friendly. It is an ideal choice for patients with metal hipersensivity.

The advantages of all ceramic crowns

  • Very natural appearance (tooth coloured surface)
  • Tissue friendly
  • It doesn’t contain metal
  • Ideal solution for people with  metal hipersensivity
  • Excellent fit thanks to the CAD-CAM technology
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