Tooth decay prevention

We can keep our teeth healthy if we regularly attend for dental check-ups or dental hygienic treatments at least half yearly. During a control every minor change can be noticed in time. Regular dental check-up is also recommended, if we do not have any complaints.

Replacing amalgam fillings

It is advisable to replace amalgam fillings as soon as possible. Amalgam may have harmful effects, including certain allergic skin diseases, hair loss or other inflammation caused by unknown origin. In addition to releasing harmful components dissolving with saliva, it is not aesthetic or can discolor the gums and teeth, as well. At our dental clinic we use only aesthetic white tooth filling.

Types of tooth filling

  • Amalgam filling
    As we mentioned it is no longer recommended to use. As it is less durable, can not fit exactly into the hole, so it can cause tooth decay easier, and health-damaging substances can dissolve from it.
  • Aesthetic white filling
    it can be inserted into the tooth more accurately, stuck in, does not fall as easily as the amalgam. Its color is almost identical to the tooth, so it’s hardly noticeable.
  • Inlay / Onlay
    a special filling type for the treatment for tooth decay. After proper preparation, the dentist places a tooth-shaped material in the prepared part of the tooth. It is recommended for larger amount of tooth decay.

Aesthetic white tooth filling

At Medicover Dental Center, we work only with aesthetic white filling materials. It can be used for both small and medium sized tooth decay – both the front and the back teeth. The filling material adheres to the tooth tissue extremely hard. The resulting filling is extremely durable and looks aesthetic.

The aesthetic light-curing composite filling materials advantage is that the original tooth color and shape can be restored. The aesthetic tooth filling is not simply white, it is made of several colors to get the same color as your tooth, so the tooth filling becomes completely invisible.

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The process of aesthetic tooth filling

  1. Removing the tooth decay under local anesthesia
  2. Prepare the cavity walls for the filling
  3. The dentist inserts the appropriate filler into the prepared tooth
  4. Firming the inserted filling with a special lamp, which protects the underlying surface just like tooth enamel
  5. After firming-up, the surface of the filling will be polished
Dental Filling

Dental sealants

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the importance of dental sealants, but this method can prevent tooth decay largely. This treatment is mainly needed in childhood, so parents should pay attention to this.

Dental sealing is not painful at all, but it causes only minor inconvenience for the child (sour taste and mouth opening for a few minutes), so it is a great opportunity for them to get to know dentistry.

But what does dental sealing mean?

Dental sealant is a thin plastic layer over the chewing surfaces of the back teeth that are not easy to clean (particularly) in childhood. It may prevent cavities caused by insufficent brushing.

The process of dental sealing

The dentist is placing a thin plastic layer, a sealant on the top of the chewing surfaces that goes down in the natural pits and folds of the molar teeth. It is protecting the tooth from decays for about 2-3 years, after that it should be renewed if still needed.

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