Porcelain crown

When the decay or the injury is too large, the tooth can be painful or discoloured. It might not come with the loosing of the tooth, the restoration can be executed with the placing of a crown in a lot of cases. It is providing a very good value for money so has become the most popular tooth replacement option.

Steps of placing a porcelain crown

  1. The dentist starts with applying local anaesthesia around the tooth to be treated.
  2. The tooth needs to be prepared by shaping.
  3. The dentist is taking its impression.
  4. Placing the temporary crown while the dental laboratory fabricates the final crown to be cemented into place.

The most popular crown materials are PFM, full porcelain and zirconia.

Advantages of PFM crowns

  • strength : good choice for both front teeth and molars
  • resistance : long-term, reliable tooth replacement
  • natural-looking: teeth coloured outside layer
  • precision: special, computerized CAD/CAM technology is being used for the best aesthetic and natural result

PFM crowns are having a metal substructure and being covered by porcelain. The version with no metallic components is called a full porcelain or an all-ceramic crown.

About CAD/CAM technology

Our porcelain crowns are made with a special, computerized technology. This ensures a better precision within a shorter time. We are only using the highest quality materials at our dental clinic to get the perfect quality porcelain crowns.

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Defects of PFM crowns

  • Metal allergy: the PFM crown consists metal components, therefore not recommended to people with metal allergy, we can suggest other options for them

  • Appearance: it doesn’t look as natural as zirconia or full porcelain crowns, less aesthetic.

Pictures before and after porcelain crowns

1st case:
Worn, discoloured, stained front teeth on upper jaw

We used PFM crowns on the worn, stained front teeth of the patient. This tooth replacement gave her a beautiful, shining, aesthetic smile.

2nd case:
Heavily worn and stained front teeth

The teeth of the patient were so damaged that we recommended the placing of porcelain crowns. The result is a stunning, happy smile.

3rd case:
Misaligned front teeth

The patient had misaligned teeth corrected by porcelain crowns.

Comparison of porcelain fused to metal crowns and zirconia crowns

Characteristic Zirconia crown Porcelain crown fused to metal
Biocompatibility Excellent


Aesthetics Excellent

Very good

Precision Excellent

Very good

Shade Excellent

Very good

Bearing capacity
Metal allergy No


How much does a porcelain crown cost?

Calculation of prices – porcelain bridge with 3 PFM crowns

Dental treatment pcs Price/pcs Total
Consultation 1 8 000 HUF 8 000 HUF
Panoramic X-ray 1 6 000 HUF 6 000 HUF
Temporary crown 3 8 000 HUF 24 000 HUF
Porcelain crown 3 50 000 HUF 150 000 HUF
Dental visit after treatment 1 8 000 HUF 8 000 HUF

Calculation of prices – full bridge with 12 PFM crowns

Dental treatment pcs Price/pcs Total
Consultation 1 8 000 HUF 8 000 HUF
Panoramic X-ray 1 6 000 HUF 6 000 HUF
Temporary crown 12 8 000 HUF 96 000 HUF
PFM crown 12 50 000 HUF 600 000 HUF
Dental visit after treatment 1 8 000 HUF 8 000 HUF

We can create any kind of tooth replacement with this technology, starting from the one-coloured shining white dentition to the natural, multi-shade teeth. But it is important to mention that for natural tooth replacement, we mostly recommend zirconia crowns.

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