Braces for Children

What are braces?

Braces can be used to fix bite issues (such as open bite, crossbite or overbite), functional problems and aesthetic issues too. Usually it is recommended to start the treatment in at a young age, but great results can be achieved in adulthood too, depending on the state of the gum and the jawbone. In some cases, oral surgery is needed before the placement of the braces, but with modern techniques extraction can be avoided more and more often.

What is the best age to get braces?

In case of potential bite issues, it is recommended to have a consult an orthodontist around the age of 7-8. At this age, permanent teeth are starting to grow and the bite starts to take its final form, so the orthodontist can already tell if treatment is needed and can recommend retainers. The advantage of taking action at a young age is that at this point teeth can be easily shifted into the correct position.

Fixed braces are usually recommended around the age of 12-13, after all baby teeth have been lost and permanent teeth have erupted. The length of the treatment depends on the age of the patient, the type of braces and the seriousness of the problem.

In general, it is recommended to start the orthodontic treatment in the childhood, but it can also be done later in life. There is no age-limit for getting braces, if the patient has heathy teeth and gums.

Cost of Braces for Children

In the below table we compare the prices of fixed braces and night-time braces, to help you estimate the cost of the orthodontic treatment at our clinic:

Night-time braces Damon Q braces
Orthodontic consultation 8 000 Ft 8 000 Ft
Panoramic x-ray 6 000 Ft 6 000 Ft
Planning fee 24 200 Ft
Orthodontic appliance 73 150 Ft 220 000 Ft
Removable retainer 36 300 Ft
Fixed retainer 22 000 Ft
Total* 87 150 Ft 316 500 Ft

*The above prices are for one jaw and they do not contain the cost of the consultations necessary during the treatment. The price of a consultation is 20 000 Ft for fixed braces and 6 000 Ft for night-time braces. The number of consultations needed depends on the length of the treatment, which the orthodontist determines during the planning.

Night-time braces

Night-time braces are a type of removable retainers, which – unlike traditional braces – are not fixed to the patient’s teeth. Despite the name, they should be worn for at least 14 hours a day to get results.

These days, several types of night-time braces are available and some can even be used when the patient still have some of their baby teeth. With regular wear at a young age, the extreme overcrowding of teeth can be avoided, however in severe cases it cannot replace fixed braces.

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Fixed braces

Fixed braces can be placed when the patient already has all of their permanent teeth. This usually happens at the age of 12-13, but it can be different for each individual. When getting fixed braces, the brackets (the small metal parts that hold the archwire) are bonded to the teeth with a special dental cement and they are removed by the orthodontist at the end of the treatment.

These days braces are more and more popular, to the point that in some countries even teens with perfect teeth wear them to be fashionable. Traditional metal braces are popular among younger children who enjoy that they can personalise the appearance of their braces with colourful rubber bands. Apart from the traditional, metal braces, clear braces are available too, for those who prefer a more discreet solution.

The self-ligating Damon braces use light, natural forces to shift the teeth into the required position. With Damon braces, the treatment can be shorter and less uncomfortable. Damon braces come in both traditional metal colour and an aesthetic, clear version too.

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