Invisible braces

What are braces?

Braces are used to correct bite issues (such as open bite, crossbite or overbite), functional problems and aesthetic issues too. Invisible braces can be used in childhood, but their disceet appearance makes them very popular among adults too. In some cases, oral surgery is needed before the placement of the braces, but with modern techniques extraction can be avoided more and more often.

Láthatatlan fogszabályozás

Invisible braces

Invisible braces use a modern technology, combining the advantages of fixed braces and removable retainers, which makes it possible to correct the position of the patient’s teeth discreetly. Invisible braces are most suited to correct smaller, aesthetic problems. More complex bite issues or functional problems cannot be fixed with invisible braces, therefore they are mostly recommended for adults.

Invisible braces are most popular among adults, since many of them find wearing traditional metal braces embarassing at their age. Invisible braces are not only impossible to notice, but they can also be removed for a couple of hours per day. The treatment usually last between 10 and 24 months. Invisible braces are a more gentle solution than traditional braces as the appliance isn’t made of metal.

Advantages of invisible braces

  • completely unnoticable
  • can be removed for a couple of hours
  • does not make speaking difficult
  • lmodern technology
  • easy cleaning
  • faster results: the treatment usually last between 10-24 months
  • minimal discomfort: patients get used to the braces in 1-2 days

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Clear Aligner láthatatlan fogszabályozó

Before starting the treatment, the orhodontist takes a special impression of the teeth and the cast is sent to our dental laboratory where the splints are prepared. During the consultation an x-ray is made and the bite is thoroughly examined to make the treatment plan as precise as possible.

The splints are made of a special, thin, medical grade plastic which doesn’t raise any health concern with normal use. A splint is usually worn for about 10-14 days, after which the patient should be able to place it on and remove it with ease. This shows that the teeth have been shifted by the splint, and the patient is ready to move on to the next splint. The exact frequency of changing the splints will be indicated by the dentist during the planning.

How to use invisible braces?

  • Should be worn continuously (can be removed for 1-2 hours if needed)
  • It is recommended to leave it in when sleeping
  • Remove it when eating or consuming hot beverages
  • The orthodontist will indicate the frequency of controls needed
  • Splints should be changed approximately every two weeks
  • Regular cleaning of the teeth and the splints is vital

How often should splints be changed?

Your orthodontist will indicate the exact frequency, but generally splints should be changed after two weeks of wear. Invisible braces are able to shift the teeth in a short time and after that a new splint should be used until the desired position of the teeth is reached.

Cost of invisible braces - Clear Aligner

The exact cost can only be determined after digital planning, as this will determine how many splints are needed for the treatment. The advantage of digital planning is that the patient gets a clear image of the expected results. The splints for the treatment are made of a special, thin plastic with micrometric precision.

In the below table we summed up the cost of invisible braces, to help you estimate the cost of the orthodontic treatment at our clinic:

Clear Aligner
Orthodontic consultation 8 000 Ft
Panoramic x-ray 6 000 Ft
Planning fee 79 200 Ft
Digital set up 49 500 Ft
Clear Aligner splint * with digital planning /pcs/jaw 39 600 Ft
Fixed retainer 22 000 Ft
Removable retainer 36 300 Ft
Total** 240 600 Ft

The cost of the Clear Aligner splint should be added to the total multiple times, according to the number of splints recommended by the orthodontist.

**The above prices are for one jaw and they do not contain the cost of the consultations necessary during the treatment. The price of a consultation is 22 000 Ft. The number of consultations needed depends on the length of the treatment, which the orthodontist determines during the planning.

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