Painfree root canal treatment, endodontic treatment

In case of a very dammaged tooth, root canal treatment can serve as a solution. This dental intervention mainly aims to save teeth with inflammation or dead pulp.

At our dental clinic we always try to avoid pulling out the patient’s own teeth so they can use them for longer, we rather recommend endodontic treatment instead of extraction.

What problems can be cured with root canal treatment?

  • dental pulp inflammation that occurs from cavities that were not treated in time
  • dental pulp inflammation as a reason of an injury
  • death of pulp that appeared because of a previous dental filling
  • inflammation of healthy tooth that got overloaded because of a missing tooth on the opposite side

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These all may cause a huge pain in the tooth and under the neighbouring gum that needs an immediate intervention. Experienced specialists of the Medicover Dentistry are using the latest technology to resolve the problem.

Steps of the root canal treatment

During the intervention of endodontic treatment we replace the injured or infected pulp with a root filling under local anesthesia. Here are the steps of the root canal treatment:

  1. Before starting the root canal treatment, a panoramic or an intraoral X-ray is being made.
  2. We are removing the pulp out of the pulp chamber through a small hole. This is a completely painfree dental treatment.
  3. The infected wall of the pulp chamber is being removed as well and we are disinfecting the hole.
  4. The endodontist places a temporary filling in the tooth that stays there for a couple of days to cure the infection.
  5. During the next visit at the dentist, a rubber-like material (gutta percha) is being placed in the rooth canal. It seals completely the pulp chamber, in order to help avoiding bacterias to get in.
  6. Finally, the dentist is placing a crown, an inlay, an onlay or an external filling on the tooth.
Steps of the root canal treatment
Steps of the root canal treatment


The tooth after the painfree canal treatment can be kept for a lifetime while keeping appropriate oral hygiene and having regular dental visits. It is stil important to mention that the tooth can be still discoloured or break because of the missing pulp.

With the aid of CAD/CAM technology, available at our clinic, we can put an inlay/onlay or a crown as a tooth replacement on the tooth root that can cure these problems.

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