Teeth whitening

If your teeth have become discolored and stain or simply want a more youthful appearance, teeth whitening can provide you the ideal cosmetic dental treatment!

Why do my teeth get discolored?

There are several reasons for the discoloration of the teeth:

  • Most commonly, drinks and snacks can discolor, which enters the lower layers of the tooth enamel over time and can’t clear with a smooth brush (coffee, tea, synthetic food color, etc.)
  • smoking
  • discolored fillings
  • root canal treatment

Before whitening

Before teeth whitening dental check-up is recommended. In case of the dentist finds a carious tooth or considers that it needs root treatment, the treatment is suggested before teeth whitening. It is also worthwhile to replace old fillings or remove dental plaque.

Why do we recommend in-office teeth whitening?

This whitening technique is made by highly qualified dentists, so the final result will certainly be as you wished.

Advantages of in-office tooth whitening:

  • professional: one of the most modern tooth whitening method of the world
  • fast: now white teeth, confident smile during 1 hour
  • effective: whiter smile
  • durable: brilliant white teeth for many years
  • reliable: due to our experience the most visible and reliable of the many whitening methods
  • Safe: Clinical tests confirm that in-office teeth whitening is the safest dental and aesthetic method

Procedure of in-office teeth whitening:

  1. In-office teeth whitening is always preceded by professional dentistry cleaning, which is offered now at a discounted price instead of 25,000 HUF only for 17,000 HUF!
  2. After insertion of the mouthpiece, the gum is isolated and protected by a special material.
  3. Both the patient and the staff have to wear special goggles.
  4. Inserting high concentration of teeth whitening material.
  5. For each 15 minute cycle the isolation is checked and new tooth whitening gel is used

After whitening – Watch out your brilliant smile for a long time!

Immediately after tooth whitening, do not wash your tooth for a few hours! The procedure softens the upper layer of the tooth enamel temporarily, then after a while, it regains its hardness and ability to protect the tooth from physical influences.

The results of professional teeth whitening last for years, it is not recommended to have more frequent teeth whitening. The duration of the actual outcome is also influenced by the lifestyle of the patient. For example, if you regularly consume meals containing coffee, tea, wine, artificial colors, and even smoking, you should have more frequent the teeth whitening process to keep your smile brighter- than those, who has different lifestyle.

For permanent teeth whitening result, it is recommended to use tooth whitening toothpastes. It is also recommended to participate half-yearly a one-on-one examination with the dentist.

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Is there any disadvantages or harmful effects of in-office teeth whitening?

In-office teeth whitening does not have any disadvantages to the health of the teeth, the oral cavity and the patient. This whitening system is professional and minimally invasive, so it does not harmful for the teeth.

Due to EU regulations it is strictly forbidden to use hydrogen peroxide at concentrations greater than 6%. Our dental team, also the procedures, our equipment and materials all meet the ISO 9001 standard, and every workflow at our clinic meets the highest EU standards, providing a guarantee for your teeth!

Professional teeth whitening has only one disadvantage, the price.

There is no disadvantage of the Medicover dental clinic’s prices, we offer professional teeth whitening only for 50 000 HUF (instead of 90 000 HUF ). In addition, dental hygienic treatment is always available for 17 000 HUF instead of 23 500 HUF as discounted price.

Why do not we recommend other whitening systems?

Uncontrolled treatment can cause ineffective or unforeseen inconveniences. Although cheaper solutions are available, they are nearly as durable and do not provide such spectacular results. Different methods (home-teeth whitening takes usually two weeks) take is the entire bleaching process much longer.

In what cases should (or not) use tooth whitening?

The applicability of whitening is decided by your consultant dentist, considering your needs and the condition of your teeth. For example, if the discoloration is too intense, the dentist can make a proposal for using porcelain veneer or crown. Remember that the basic, natural color of the teeth is inherited, so not all of the cases can the dazzling ivory shade achieve, which comes from the advertisements. However, at our dental clinic, we do our best to give our patients the most beautiful smile after treatment.

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