High quality zirconia crown in Budapest

Zirconia crowns are providing us with the ultimate solution to keep our perfect smile. By its natural looking and high quality, it is a popular tooth replacement option, either as a single crown, a bridge or a crown on a dental implant.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown can be placed over a tooth that has been undergone root canal therapy or can also be used to cover a dental implant. We are using dental crowns when the tooth is extremely damaged and can’t be treated by a simple filling, or onlay or an inlay. Then the tooth is being treated under local anaesthesia and the crown is put over it. The dental crown is therefore a very useful and natural looking tooth restoration element.

The most popular used materials are porcelain, full porcelain and zirconia.

Why should we choose the zirconia crown?

  • It ensures the finest aesthetic result: it is enough transparent to appear as your natural teeth
  • The best solution in case of metal allergy: no metallic parts
  • Long-lasting tooth restoration: the material is more resistant than other components
  • Maximum strength
  • biocompatible: no reject of the body
    • precision: the use of the CAD/CAM technology ensures the best, natural looking fitting

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Pictures: Before and after placing zirconia crowns

1st case:
Discoloured teeth and large space in between front teeth

Our patient has been very upset about the yellow stains on his front teeth and of course, the significant gap in between them. We used zirconia crowns to cover the space so he got back his self-confidence to start smiling again.

2nd case:
Missing, disaligned, stained teeth

Our patient was looking for a permanent solution either on the upper and the lower jaws

3rd case:
Large gaps and stained front teeth

Our patient was really upset about the large gaps in between his front teeth and at the same time wanted to have shiny white teeth to replace his original, yellowish teeth.

About CAD/CAM technology

Our zirconia crowns are made with a special, computerized technology. This ensures a better precision within a shorter time. We are only using the highest quality materials at our dental clinic to get the perfect quality zirconia crowns.

Comparison of porcelain fused to metal crowns and zirconia crowns

Although porcelain crowns are having a lot of advantages, the most natural and aesthetic result can be mostly reached by placing zirconia crowns.

Characteristic Zirconia crown Porcelain crown fused to metal
Biocompatibility Excellent


Aesthetics Excellent

Very good

Precision Excellent

Very good

Shade Excellent, colour matrix

Very good, stratification

Bearing capacity Excellent Excellent
Metal allergy None


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