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Tooth Whitening

ZOOM! tooth whitening
now for
HUF 60 000

Which tooth whitening system is right for you?

You should choose a tooth whitening system overseen by a professional to ensure that you get the desired results.

The solution: Zoom! AP (Advanced Power) tooth whitening, which is the whitening system most widespread among Hollywood stars, as well.

Why do we recommend ZOOM! AP (Advanced Power) tooth whitening?

  • professional: it is the most complete tooth whitening system
  • quick: brilliant white teeth and a confident smile in just an hour
  • effective: maximum whitening for a smile up to 5 shades whiter
  • long-lasting: brilliant white teeth for years
  • dependable: in our experience, Zoom! offers the most visible and most reliable results among the large number of available whitening systems
  • safe: clinical tests prove that ZOOM! tooth whitening is the safest dental and cosmetic dentistry procedure

What is the disadvantage of ZOOM! tooth whitening?

The ZOOM! system only has one drawback: the price.

But even this isn’t a drawback at Medicover’s dental services, because ZOOM! Tooth Whitening is now available for HUF 60 000 instead of HUF 92,000 , and now the pre-whitening tartar price is available for HUF 14 000 instead of HUF 23 500. Make an appointment now!

Why don’t we trust other tooth whitening systems?

  • treatments without proper preparations and control are ineffective and can cause unforeseen inconveniences
  • although there are cheaper solutions available, our experience has shown that they are not even close in their permanence and their results aren’t as effective
  • other systems require significantly more time (for example, tooth whitening at home usually takes about two weeks)

ZOOM! tooth whitening treatment steps:

  1. 0. A professional teeth cleaning always precedes ZOOM! tooth whitening, which is available for a discounted price at our dentistry:
    HUF 14 000 instead of HUF 23 500
  2. 1. After the expander is put in place, the gums are isolated and protected with a material that hardens when exposed to light. The expander and the special highly absorbent materials that are used serve to protect the tongue and cheeks.
  3. 2. Both the patient and the professionals performing the whitening receive protective goggles.
  4. 3. The highly concentrated tooth whitening material is applied.
  5. 4. The isolation is checked, the used whitening materials are removed, and new whitening gel is applied every 15 minute cycle.

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Tooth Jewellery

Tooth jewellery is sparkling jewels that decorate your smile. Jewellery is generally applied to the upper canine and can be a gem, gold, silver, white gold, or precious metal and gem combination. It can be in any shape.

Does tooth jewellery require any special care?

Jewellery does not fall off when eating or cleaning the teeth, does not get in the way of brushing, and is applied to the tooth with a special adhesive so no drilling is required. It can be replaced or removed without a trace.

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