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Implantation is a modern, safe, and painless procedure, and the outcome is a perfect and aesthetic denture. We are happy to offer free consultations and discount prices.

Virtual Tour


Take a look at our clinic, walk around in our examination rooms (where the treatments take place) with the help of our virtual tour.

Oral surgery


We offer the extraction of wisdom-teeth, tooth roots, and root apexes, and we also perform bone grafting and other small operations in our painless outpatient service.

Fix solutions


We offer solutions for every type of tooth loss at our Clinic, such as metal-ceramic or zirconium crowns, bridge replacements, veneers, or removable dentures.



There’s nothing better than a perfect smile!
Have your free consultation and we’ll certainly find the best orthodontic solution for you and the whole family.
It’s never too late to start your orthodontic treatment.

Dental conservation


Healthy teeth are worth everything! Aesthetic fillings, root canal treatments, dental inlays, onlays, and the application of dental sealants all serve the preservation of healthy teeth.

Screening and consultation

Ingyenes Fogászati szűrés és konzultáció - Medicover Fogászat

  Screening and consultation Your teeth shouldn’t just be pleasant to look at and well groomed because they are necessary for a confident and happy smile. Besides the aesthetic component, a healthy smile also plays an important part in maintaining your health and preventing disease. That’s why dental screening should be done regularly every year…. Read more »

Dental hygiene


(Magyar) Az évtizedek alatt megváltozott táplálkozási szokások miatt egyre nagyobb hangsúlyt kell fordítani a szájápolásra, mely nemcsak a saját fogazat megtartását segíti, hanem az elkészült fogpótlások, implantátumok élettartamát is meghosszabbítja.