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Fix solutions

Chewing is one of the most important function of teeth, but they play a role in creating sounds and facial harmony. The replacement of the missing tooth is very important, as any gap left in the jaw can lead to the movement and migration of the remaining teeth, which causes further problems. The main causes of losing teeth include dental decay, paradentitis, and the loss of jaw bone due to age.

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Bridges are recommended in case of any gap created between teeth, which cause problem for the chewing function and also aesthetically needed to be repared.

In the simplest case, a bridge has three units; the two lateral unitss are placed on the patient’s own teeth, and the middle one replaces the missing tooth. A properly prepared bridge gives back the proper chew and a healthy smile again.
Dentist must check whether the neighboring teeth are capable of supporting the bridge, as they will be the pillars of the bridge to hold the whole bridge.

Bridges are made of different materials, just as single crowns: porcelain fused to metal and zirconium oxide.

Price of the treatment:

62 500 HUF  45 000 HUF

Fémkerámia korona
Metal-ceramic crowns

Fémkerámia korona híd
Metal-ceramic crowns bridge

Dental Crowns:

The dentist make a preparation by drilling the external tooth surface. Next step is the impression taking by a material which cements within 3-4 minutes and then remove. Impressions are sent to the dental laboratory, with the color of the tooth and other necessary information which is needed for the dental lab to make the perfect teeth. We make a temporary crown after the whole process to place until the final one is prepared.

Temporary crowns are usually made of plastic at the dental room or maybe at a dental laboratory, but they are not durable. At the next visit, the temporary crown is removed and the dentist try on the final crown to see if everywhere it fits just perfectly. Some refinement and polishing may be needed before the final cementing.

The whole treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless.

Metal-ceramic crowns:

Metal-ceramic crowns are actually porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain is a long-lasting material, which does not discolor. The ceramic shell provides the form and color of the tooth.

Price of the treatment:

66 000 HUF 46 000 HUF

Nyugdijas pár


It happens, that a portion of the tooth breaks off, for example when you bite into something that is harder than the dental enamel. All broken teeth need to be treated not only for aesthetic reason, but if any broken teeth left untreated, may lead to problems with the dental root later on. Veneers provide an excellent solution.

Veneers are not only used for broken teeth but also in the case of strong discoloration, unfavorable tooth shape or a too large gap between adjacent teeth

A thin shell, made of porcelain, is prepared for the patient so that it should completely fit the discolored or broken tooth, and gives a natural look of the teeth. These veneers are completely metal-free and fully safe.

Venner preparation process:

The damaged teeth is prepared after numbing the area, with minimal tooth surface removal. It is important that this procedure does not require drolling the complete tooth!

After the preparation, an impression is taken, on the basis of which a dental technician prepares the veneer in the required color. Until the final shell is prepared, teeth are protected by a temporary shell made at by the dentist to avoid discomfort due to increased sensitivity. The final shell is then cemented to the tooth with an appropriate material that helps minimize the risk of detachment.

Veneers provide a nice, and aesthetic solution, with the color of your own teeth. This is a durable solution, and the restoration does not discolor.

Price of the treatment:

51 500 HUF


Denture – Removable tooth restoration:

If a patient does not have any teeth left, a complete plastic denture can be a good solution. Partial denture are recommend when patient has some teeth, but they are not sufficient or are not at the right place,. Both complete and partial dentures are intended to restore the chewing function and facial aesthetics as well.

The teeth for both complete and partial dentures are made of plastic. No porcelain denture can be used as it would lead to it displacement due to its weight. In the case of a partial denture, the removable component connect to own intact teeth, to crowns and bridges in different ways. This includes a metal clamp or hidden anchoring.

The process is similar for both denture types: A proper impression is taken of the jaw, the biting height is adjusted during the impression taking, followed by a trial with the teeth placed in wax, and finally the dental technician prepares the denture based on all these. The duration of the whole process is two to three weeks from taking the impression.

The patient itself and the facial muscles must become used to the new denture, as speaking and chewing may cause strange feelings at the first few weeks. It is very important to clean the denture regularly after eating, and to use denture cleaning tabs in the evening, because bacteria and fungus may spread easily under the denture, which may cause inflammation.

Price of the treatment:

from 67 000 HUF