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Dental conservation

Dental conservation treatments are for the aiming of teeth and include all procedures that are for the preservation of intact teeth. These treatments are fillings, inlays/onlays, root-canal treatments, scale removal and sealing of fissures. Teeth can be damaged by  physical or many chemical impacts. 


Fissures Sealing

Many people are not aware of the importance of the sealing of fissures, though these methods help to prevent decay starting in fissures. This treatment is recommended to be done early ages, so parents should be aware of this.

The process is not painful at all,so it is a good reason for a first-time visit to the dentist.

What are fissures?
Fissures can be found on the chewing surface of premolars and molars, If the fissures are too  deep the cleaning of them can be difficult, so the decaying can start easily.

Fissure sealing procedure:
The treatment is started by a proper cleaning, then the dentist applies, without drilling, a highly penetrating sealant on the surface of the tooth, which flows to the bottom of the fissures and thus blocks the way of plaque that can trigger decay. This sealant warrants the intactness of the teeth under it for 2-3 years. After this, because of the wear of this material, repeated fissure sealing is recommended.


Aesthetic filling

At Medicover Dental Clinic, we strictly use only white filling materials.

These kind of filling can be used for all size of  holes in front teeth and molars.  The filling material strongly sticks to the dental tissue, without gap. All fillings been prepared this way is very durable and looks natural..

An other advantage of the composite – white –  filling that it is bonded under light and the original color and shape of the teeth can be restored perfectly. The filling material is mixed from various colors so that it looks natural like the color of the original tooth, so the filling is almost invisible.

Root-canal treatment


Root canal treatment is needed when the nerves or blood vessels which runs inside the teeth become inflamed or infected for various reasons. This also can cause a very strong pain asall teeth are live organic

You can preserve your teeth by root canal treatment. so tooth extraction and replacement can thus be avoided.

Root-canal treatment can be performed without any pain at our dental clinic, despite any reports to the contrary and previous negative experience! Patients should not feel as much pain during this treatment

Root-canal treatment process:

First an X-ray is made of the tooth to be treated. The tooth and its neighboring areas are anesthetized locally, then the dentist determine the length of the root, and after its cleaning the exposure is started. Usually, the tooth is sealed by a disinfectant anti-inflammatory paste.

After the treatment , the tooth may will be sensitive, especially when biting, but no sharp pain will be felt.

A controll X-ray and a check up is needed after the root-canal treatment.

a)      (Scale removal – see section 5, Scale removal)



Inlay filling is used to build up molars having large cavity in them and repair  broken teeth. Inlays are made by the dental technician at the dental lab and glued by the dentist.

Inlay is a better solution than conventional filling in cases the missing tooth part is very big, or the decay can spread to adjacent teeth because of its position.

Inlays are durable and give an aesthetic solution. , They fits  stable and the material all lab use contains no allergic material.

As the first step of the process the dentist prepares the place for the inlay, and takes an impression on the basis of which the dental technician can prepare properly the shame of the inlay. The final step is the gluing of the inlay by a special glue.


We use onlay when the damage of the teeth is too large for using inlay. The process is the same, but the onlays cover the whole occlusial surface and parts of the tooth tips as well by metal or ceramics.


Price of the treatment:

62 500 HUF  45 000 HUF