Medicover Dental Clinic Pécs

Dental Clinic Pécs

From March 2021, almost all services of Medicover Dental Clinic are available in Pécs. At our clinic, we have established our dental office in an exclusive environment, where our excellent dentists are waiting for our Patients.

Our specialists work with high quality materials and modern dental methods. Our dentists use anesthesia to make treatment more comfortable.

Check out the new exclusive dental clinic in Pécs in the heart of the city center!

Dental treatments

Take a look at our wide range of dental treatments, from simple fillings, root canal treatment, teeth whitening to dental implants.

  • Tooth scale removal
  • Dentures: crowns, bridges and dentures
  • Dental filling
  • Root canal treatment
  • Denatal implant
  • Periodontology

More information about dentures and dental fillings:

Dental crowns:

  • zirconium crown
  • porcelain crown
  • pressed ceramic crown

Dentures, dental bridges:

  • dental bridges
  • removable dentures
  • fixed dentures

Dental fillings, dental inlay/onlay:

  • traditional dental fillings
  • inlay
  • onlay


Click here for the price list of Dental Clinic Pécs.



  • 7621 Pécs, Munkácsy Mihály utca 15.

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday:  08:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Book an appointment: +36 1 465 3131

You can also book an appointment at Medicover on the weekends. Write us an e-mail and our staff will contact you soon.


Further contacts:

  • Medicover Dental Clinic on Facebook

Approach by car

Our Dental Clinic in Munkácsy Mihály street can be reached by car from the direction of Felsőmalom street. Turning off the main road 6 at the Rákóczi street junction, the first street on Felsőmalom street opens to the left.

Approach by public transport

Our Dental Clinic is easily accessible by all means of public transport, which also stop at the Árkád shopping center.

Walking from Rákóczi street to Fürdő street, you can reach our Clinic in 10 minutes.

Parking/Underground parking

Parking is available in the underground garage on Kossuth Square, which is located on Fürdő Street and is 5 minutes away from our Clinic.

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