If you have become stained or faded or you just want a more youthful appearance, teeth whitening can be the ideal cosmetic dental treatment for you!


In Hungary today, more dental clinics offer affordable dental treatments. However, it is worthy to include the equipment, the professional skills and the level of experience of the dentist’s team as well as the opinions of the patients in selecting the ideal clinic.

If you do not want to make repairs and post-treatments for any dental work that you may have, then look carefully at what kind of clinic has the capability and the conditions under which you will be treated.

At Medicover Dental Clinic, our doctors only handle the treatments with the latest equipment, devices and materials. Our clinic welcomes its patients in a nice and friendly environment, where treatments and hygiene standards meet – also many cases exceed the European standards. Our dental laboratory is reliable, where our technicians produce precision and durable, aesthetic and natural tooth replacement devices. Our dentists put thousands of implants yearly and thousands of dental treatments.

All this provides high quality dental treatment. We also undertake a guarantee for our dental work as the following:

Warranty Periods on Medicover Dental Clinic

  • Tooth filling, inlay / onlay – 1 year
  • Crown – 3 years
  • Veneer – 2 year
  • Removable denture fixed to the tooth implant – 2 years
  • Removable prosthesis – 1 year
  • Dental implants (only implanted screw) – life-time warranty

Warranty terms and conditions:

  • The patient must adhere to the dental hygienic instructions prescribed by the dentist and keep his teeth clean.
  • The patient should undergo the check-ups prescribed by the treating dentist every 3 months, semiannually or annually.
  • The patient should attend the maintenance treatment prescribed by the dentist at least 30 days after dental treatment (eg dental removal, denture alignment).
  • The patient is obliged to use the prosthesis properly. It can only be used for chewing as it was designed for it, so by properly using the chance of damage is much smaller.
  • Protect your prostheses from any injury, physical injury, bone or gum disease.
  • The guarantee is valid with the financial settlement of all invoiced items.

The guarantee is reduced or canceled in the following cases:

  1. If the patient does not appear for dental check-ups at Medicover Dental Clinic
  2. If the patient does not clean his dental prosthesis according to the standard and does not keep his teeth clean properly
  3. If the patient does not use the prosthesis properly
  4. If there are any problems that caused by incorrect nutrition or other bad habits.
  5. If the detachable denture is mechanically damaged (due to fall or martial art) or chemical damage (high concentrate alcohol, other chemicals).
  6. In case of systemic, contagious or cancerous gum diseases or other kind of treatment caused by injuries. In case of accidents due to emergency or accidents.
  7. For neglect of oral hygiene
  8. In case of problems arising from psychological or mental illness
  9. If the patient loses significant body weight in a relatively short period of time.
  10. If the injury or alteration of the prosthesis is reported by the patient after two working days- after the treatment.
  11. If root canal treatment is required due to previous interventions (filling, crown preparation)
  12. If later repairing of prosthesis was not performed at Medicover Dental Clinic

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