Why is a dental X-ray so important?

During the consultation and examination, the treating dentist will take a panoramic X-ray or CT / CBCT X-ray to make sure the teeth are healthy and there are no invisible problems in the gums.

Dental X-ray (panoramic X-ray) is one of the most important parts of dental screening.

Why come for a dental screening?

Dental screenings recommended annually allow for early detection of problems and also facilitate the maintenance of oral health. These may seem commonplace, but just keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if the patient only needs to undergo a dental filling or a complex root canal treatment, which obviously means longer treatment. The dentist can also give constructive feedback on the patient’s oral hygiene, advising on which toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss to use and which ones to avoid.

What is a panoramic X-ray?

panoráma röntgen

Digital panoramic X-rays take two-dimensional images of the entire oral cavity and teeth, allowing the two jaws to be displayed in a single image.

Condition survey

At Medicover Dentistry, a CT/CBCT X-ray provides a perfectly sharp panoramic image of all teeth and arches, as well as the lower and upper jaws, for accurate assessment of the condition of the mouth.

Procedure of the X-ray examination

It is important that the patient removes all metals from the environment (earrings, necklace, piercing, dentures, etc.) before beginning the procedure.

Our dental assistant will inform the patient about the course of the examination and provide them with the appropriate instructions before starting the examination. In addition to the low radiation dose, an anti-radiation vest is used to ensure complete protection of the patient.

Immobility is required for the duration of the examination (20-40 seconds) to produce evaluable images. Otherwise, a blurred image may appear, which may necessitate repeating the recording.

As a first step of the examination, a small image is taken, with only 5% of the radiation dose of a panoramic X-ray. This is the so-called mapping phase, during which the CBCT device calculates the required radiation dose based on the patient’s structure (morphology) (Personalized radiation exposure thanks to SmartAuto Technology).

Completed X-rays

If required, the completed recordings will be handed over on DVD, in digital format or sent to the patient by e-mail.


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