Premium dental CT (CBCT)

Premium dental CT (CBCT)

Medicover Dental Clinic now has one of the world’s most advanced, multi-award winning (Cellerant Class of Technology, Edison Awards) dental CT and panoramic X-ray equipment, the premium category CBCT device used to perform most CT and X-rays worldwide. The CT combines traditional two-dimensional panoramic technology and CBCT (Cone Beam CT) imaging to create truly personalized imaging with modern 3D face scanning.

The price of the CBCT examination is now only 12 000 Ft instead of 20 000 Ft. The examination can be used without prior appointment and fixed reservation.

What is CBCT?

The Cone Beam CT (CBCT) is a three-dimensional digital X-ray imaging procedure that takes the most detailed possible image of a bone structure and teeth under extremely low radiation exposure.

What are the benefits of CBCT X-ray equipment?

  • Personalized radiation exposure: The CBCT device automatically determines the amount of radiation exposure required based on the structure of the patient’s jaw.
  • Significantly lower radiation exposure: Approximately half of the radiation dose emitted during a normal dental CT will reach the patient during the survey.
  • Precise planning: With the help of 3D software, the oral surgery (implantation) procedure can be planned immediately after the recording. The patient will then know exactly what intervention they will need.
  • Provides the most detailed image at the best resolution

What are the benefits of CBCT in otolaryngology?

  • Compared to traditional CT, fewer artifacts are formed around metals (for example dental fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, ear implants, facial, jaw fixation metals).
  • Repeated examinations significantly reduce the risk of damage to radiation-sensitive tissues (for example eye).
  • At least as good spatial resolution in any plane as with conventional CT.
  • Fast test time of 30-40 seconds in a sitting or standing position, in an open space (as opposed to a traditional CT tubular enclosure).

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Test procedure

It is important that the patient removes all metals from the environment (earrings, necklace, piercing, dentures, etc.) before beginning the procedure.

Our dental assistant will inform the patient about the course of the examination and provide them with the appropriate instructions before starting the examination. In addition to the low radiation dose, an anti-radiation vest is used to ensure complete protection of the patient.

Immobility is required for the duration of the examination (20-40 seconds) to produce evaluable images. Otherwise, a blurred image may appear, which may necessitate repeating the recording.

As a first step of the examination, a small image is taken, with only 5% of the radiation dose of a panoramic X-ray. This is the so-called mapping phase, during which the CBCT device calculates the required radiation dose based on the patient’s structure (morphology) (Personalized radiation exposure thanks to SmartAuto Technology).

The completed recordings are handed over to the patient on DVD in digital format.

3D imaging

Given that implant planning is done with the help of a 3D program, the chances of re-recording become minimal because the implants are positioned with the help of a computer. Using the so-called Face-scan option, even the patient’s face can be displayed on the CBCT image to present the final result.



The latest Carestream CBCT system, the CS 9600, won the 2019 “Cellerant Class of Technology” award. The equipment perfectly reflects the company’s commitment to transforming dental diagnostics.


The device has also won the Edison Awards Silver Award, which is given to companies that continue Thomas Edison’s legacy and make improvements that will change the future of an area.

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