Dental Implant

dental implant

What is dental implantation?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement of the tooth root that creates connexion in between the jawbone and a pre-drilled hole to hold a crown, bridge or an overdenture.

The material of dental implants is the biocompatible titanium that is easily integrating to the human body’s bone tissue, this process is called osseointegration.

The tooth implant is becoming a life-long replacement of the missing tooth and is a solution to replace one or multiple roots to hold crowns and bridges.

When the tooth has been missing for a longer period of time, another process might be needed: bone grafting or sinus lift.

You can chew, talk, laugh and use your dental implants as if you have had them forever as your original teeth.

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Dental implant surgery steps - video

Take a look at our video on how the process of dental implant surgery is taking place.

Why should I get a tooth implant?

Have you ever thought about having a stable, solid and functional dentition instead of slipping dentures fixed by adhesives? Tooth implants might give back your confidence in all matters.

Let’s see the advantages of replacing your missing tooth by a tooth implant:

  • Neighboring teeth may move towards the space left by the missing tooth and other gaps might appear. This can also lead to chewing or digestion problems, as well.
  • If the tooth is missing for a longer period, the bone mass starts to lose bone. It might lead to bone resorption, and also to deformity of the face.
  • While eating, food might be stucked in the gap and so result cavities of the neighboring teeth.
  • Also, in case of missing front teeth, the aesthetics and talking functions might be damaged.
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Before and after tooth implantation

Case 1 – Full zirconia tooth replacement for almost toothless upper jaw and bridge on tooth implants on lower jaw

The patient hasn’t visited the dentist for years and didn’t keep proper dental hygiene. The worn and discolored upper front teeth had to be removed and replaced with dental implants and a full bridge on the top. While at the bottom he got dental implants with zirconia bridges and crowns.

Health conditions of dental implant surgery

After full bridge on tooth implant treatment

Panoramic X-ray after full upper zirconia bridge on six dental implants

Before dental implant treatment
Panoramic X-ray after zirconia bridges on dental implants for molars and zirconia crowns on front teeth

Case 2 – Lateral zirconia bridges on dental implants to replace missing molars

The patient’s molars were missing both up and down, right and left and had some crowded teeth at the front. His zirconia bridges were placed onto 10 dental implants on both sides, up and down.

Before dental implant treatment

After zirconia bridges on teeth implants for molars and zirconia crowns on front teeth

Panoramic X-ray after zirconia bridges on dental implants for molars and zirconia crowns on front teeth

Before dental implant treatment
Panoramic X-ray after zirconia bridges on dental implants for molars and zirconia crowns on front teeth

Benefits of dental implants

  • replacing uncomfortable, temporary fixed overdentures
  • helps keeping healthy teeth for longer as it is not necessary to shape them when putting on a crown on a dental implant
  • biocompatible
  • The price you pay for a dental implant is a lifetime investment
  • Not carcinogenic

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Health conditions of placing a dental implant

Age doesn’t matter when we are planning a dental implant surgery, though other conditions might be important, just like the quality and quantity of the bone in the jaw.

Other circumstances that influence negatively the dental implant surgery and its outcome:

  • heavy smoking sets back the healing process
  • excessive alcohol consummation – sets back healing process of the gums
  • periodontal disease: in some severe cases it might lead to bone loss
  • patients with weak immune system steroids, patients undergoing radiation treatment, auto-immune disease
  • bruxism: tooth grinders might need a nightguard to help relieving pressure from the artificial roots and prevent chipping of crowns

Can I have dental implants if I’m grinding teeth?

Yes, it is absolutely possible, it is not even an unusual problem. Unconsciously, anyone can face it while sleeping. If you know about this disfunction of yours, please let your dentist know about it so they can suggest you mouthguard accordingly.

The importance of having enough bone mass

Special examinations are needed to be able to decide if the quality and the quantity of the bone is enough for the dental implant surgery.

Therefore, we make an X-ray and a CT scan and the dentist evaluates the density of the bone, also examines the dental hygiene state of the neighboring tissues, nerves, etc. If the bone is not enough, bone graft or sinus lift might be necessary before the dental implant surgery.

This process is completely safe if you have a good oral hygiene, good general health state and rested.

Risks of dental implantation

Risks of bleeding and effects of the anesthesia: we recommend you to not to drive after the surgery and not to eat for a few hours, neither sports or sauna are advised

Risks of infection: keeping the dentist’s mouth hygiene recommendations is very important, it is not advised to use a mouthwash or to suck on the wound in the first few days in order to avoid infection

How lasting is the dental implant?

If you are applying all the recommendations of your dentist, and pay attention to your oral health, it should last for a lifetime.

We decided to use AlphaBio and Nobel Biocare dental implants. Why?

  • Over 20 years of extended use
  • Lifetime guarantee (both AlphaBio and Nobel Biocare materials)
  • Clinical researches are tests are proving its quality and reliability
  • Biocompatible titanium materials
  • Shorter and less harassing implantation procedure.
  • Excellent price-quality ratio

The price of a dental implant may vary according to the brand. While Nobel Biocare is a premium dental implant at premium price, AlphaBio is a high quality product at reasonable price.

Process of dental implantation

Dental implant surgery is a very unique procedure, every case is different as it’s depending on a lot of different conditions. Here we try to explain a simple case as a basic information:

Possible dental treatments prior to dental implant surgery (not always necessary) Dental treatment Healing period
tooth extraction (decayed, worn) tooth extraction (decayed, worn)
bone healing after tooth removal might request 3-4 week sometimes, in some other cases, implantation can be done immediately
bone grafting 4-6 months of healing period before tooth implant surgery
sinus lift (only upper jaw) a minimum of 8 months of healing before placing the dental implant
Steps of dental implant surgery ental treatment/strong> Healing period
placing the tooth implant integration of the dental implant needs 4-6 months while the jawbone is ossifying around the artificial root
dental impression once the dentist exposes the dental implant, he takes an impression for final restoration
abutment and crown fixing 5 days needed for the final restoration to be completed (crown, bridge, full bridge, overdenture or All-on-4)

1. First consultation and treatment plan

Our oral surgeon specialists are evaluating the oral health and dentition of the patient upon the panoramic X-ray. If the general health and the bone density seems to be all right, the dentists are preparing a personal treatment plan. Additional examinations, like blood test or CT scan might be necessary to make sure the dental implant will be properly fixed.

2. Dental implant surgery

The dental implant is placed in the jawbone in a completely pain-free way. After the surgery has been performed, the dentist is giving him/her the necessary recommendations and instructions to respect until it’s completely healed. Bone grafting might be necessary in certain cases.

3. Healing time

The tooth implant needs 3-6 months to heal under the gum, and therefore to integrate in the jawbone. Perfect oral hygiene and prescribed medication is highly important during this period.

4. Final restoration

Once the healing period is over, the final restoration can be fixed on the implant(s). It can be a single crown or a bridge for example.

Korona felhelyezése fogimplantátumra egy fogpótlás esetén
Crown on tooth implant to replace one missing tooth
Bridge on 2 dental implants to replace multiple missing teeth
Full bridge on 6 dental implants, a perfect solution for toothless jaw
All-on-4 denture, a minimally invasive restoration in case of severe bone loss

If you have no teeth in the lower jaw, and are not yet ready for multiple dental implant placements, a conventional lower denture can be replaced by a removable overdenture.

Bar retained overdenture on 4 dental implants
Locator (ball retained) overdenture on 2 teeth implants

5. Check-up

Dental implant is an effective solution to replace a missing tooth but to keep its long-term success, it is highly important to maintain the instructions of the dentist. High level of oral hygiene can help keeping the good condition and the stability of the tooth implants.

How many appointments are needed during a dental implantation process?

  • The dental implantation process’ length is mostly depending on the general health condition of the patient. The health of the gum and the bone is primordial from the point of view of time. Too much rushing can lead to the fail of dental implants and may cause chewing or talking disabilities.
  • In order to properly complete the dental treatment, even a whole year might be necessary for the complete healing. In the treatment plan, your dentist is trying to establish the best procedure for you.
  • All dental implantation procedure is starting with a first consultation. The dentist is establishing the dental implant treatment plan and the quote upon the X-ray or the CT scan and the physical examination.
  • In a simple case, when extraction and/or bone grafting is not needed, the dental implants can be placed shortly after the treatment plan has been accepted by the patient.
  • The exposure of the dental implants is taking place 3-6 months after the placement of the implants, at the same time, healing screws are put on the top of them.
  • The next step is the preparation of the final restoration. It takes in general 2 appointments to get the crown, dental bridge or fixed denture ready to be placed.
  • Yearly check-ups are important for a good reason: they ensure you and your dentist that the tooth replacement stays aesthetic and functional for a lifetime.

What to do after tooth implantation?

Once the dental implant surgery has been finished, pain and swelling can be expected in the facial area. This is not unusual as the regeneration concerns multiple tissues in the mouth. At Medicover Fogászat, we are prepared for this situation and giving you painkillers after the procedure to help you finding a solution to the pain in the first few days. You will also get some ice jelly and prescribed antibiotics for the same reason and also to help faster healing after the surgery.

Resolvable stiches are being used at our dental clinic, so no need of an appointment to remove them.

How long is the recovery after dental implantation?

Osseointegration is the healing and integration of the dental implant, this process is important to get the necessary stability of the implant in the jawbone. If the artificial tooth root is placed in the lower jaw, it might recommend less time to heal (2-4 months) than in the case of the upper one (3-6 months). This is only a general estimation, of course, personal health conditions are highly important in this matter.

When can we fully enjoy the benefits of our new dentition?

Once the tooth implantation has been finished, you don’t stay without tooth for the next 3-6 months. Therefore, you will get a temporary denture for the healing period. This is not as stable, functional and cannot bear as much pressure as the permanent tooth replacement, so we kindly suggest you to avoid consuming dry, hard food, such as apple or nuts.

By the time the integration of the implant has been completed, and the permanent crown, bridge or denture has been fixed, the new artificial teeth are taking the same role as your natural teeth.

About the importance of the regular visits after the dental implantation

It is highly recommended to visit your dentist yearly, even more important than when you have only natural teeth as this is still a severe intervention into your body.

Our highly qualified and expertised dentists at Medicover Fogászat are using the best quality and latest technology and materials to help you getting back your beautiful smile and functional dentition. However, some problems may arise by the time, this is the reason why they need to check on it regularly.

If you’re not taking these visits to serious, it might lead to undiscovered infections that can spread faster in the periodontal or bone area or other health problems, just like bone loss cannot be detected on time.

What’s the price of a tooth implant?

The price depends on multiple conditions. It may vary by the number and nature of the necessary interventions, by the materials we use and the final restoration you choose. Of course, additional operations, just like bone graft or sinus lift are also adding to the price of the procedure. Therefore, it is not that easy to give you a general price of the whole process.

However, we try to give you a global view at our prices by presenting you some examples of the dental implant surgery as it follows:

Please find below two examples of how the cost of a dental implant is composed in case of 2 dental implants holding a 3 unit porcelain bridge and in case of 6 dental implants holding a full porcelain bridge. (We haven’t included bone graft or sinus lift in these tables.)

Dental treatment cost example for porcelain bridge of 3 crowns on two dental implants

Type of dental treatment pcs price/pcs Total
Consultation 1 10 000 Ft 10 000 Ft
CT scan SALE 1 12 000 Ft 12 000 Ft
AlphaBio dental implant 2 105 000 Ft 210 000 Ft
AlphaBio abutment 2 69 000 Ft 138 000 Ft
Temporary, 3 pcs replacement 1 59 000 Ft 59 000 Ft
Porcelain crown on dental implant 2 57 500 Ft 115 000 Ft
Porcelain crown 1 50 000 Ft 50 000 Ft

Calculation of the price of full porcelain bridge on 6 dental implants

Type of dental treatment pcs price/pcs Total
Consultation 1 10 000 Ft 10 000 Ft
CT scan 1 12 000 Ft 12 000 Ft
AlphaBio dental implant 6 105 000 Ft 630 000 Ft
AlphaBio abutment 6 69 000 Ft 414 000 Ft
Temporary, 3 pcs replacement 1 115 000 Ft 115 000 Ft
Porcelain crown on dental implant 6 57 500 Ft 345 000 Ft
Porcelain crown 6 50 000 Ft 300 000 Ft

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