Braces for Adults

What are braces?

Orthodontists use braces  to fix bite issues, functional problems and aesthetic issues too. The treatment can be started in childhood or at a later age too, depending on the state of the gum and the jawbone. In some cases, oral surgery is needed before the placement of the braces, but with modern techniques extraction can be avoided more and more often.

Braces for Adults

These days it isn’t true anymore that braces can only be effective for children. It is never too late to start orthodontic treatment and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Types of orthodontic treatments for adults:

  • Aesthetic correction – When the goal of the treatment is only to make the smile more attractive, but there are no functional problems.
  • Funcional correction – When the main goal is to restore the proper chewing function.
  • Bite correction – Orthodontic treatment can correct bite issues (such as crossbite, open bite, over bite etc.).

When planning the orthodontic treatment of an adult patient, it is important to take in consideration that in adulthood (generally over the age of 25) the jawbone becomes more rigid and it becomes more difficult to shift the position of the teeth. This is the reason why we usually recommend braces that use light, natural forces.

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Types of braces recommended for adults

  • Transparent braces using light, natural forces (Damon Clear)
  • Metal braces using light, natural forces (Damon Q)
  • Invisible braces, using removable splints (Clear Aligner)

Damon Clear braces

Damon Clear braces provide a very aesthetic, barely noticable option for adult patients. Damon braces use light, natural forces to shift teeth into the required position. Crafted from clear sapphire, these brackets make the braces virtually invisible. Thanks to the high-quality materials used, Damon Clear braces are less prone to discolouration. In addition, the rounded shape of the brackets make the braces more comfortable than traditional ones.

Damon Q metal braces

Damon braces use very gentle pressure, working with the natural forces of the patient’s body. This allows the dental arch form to develop the way they were designed to function. Thanks to the natural forces of the body, in most cases, the final result is reached much faster with fewer appointments and less discomfort. With the Damon technique extractions are less frequently needed and there no expanders or headgear is used.

Invisible braces: Clear Aligner

Invisible braces use the latest technologies, which makes it possible to make orthodontic treatment more discreet. This method is most used to correct smaller, aesthetic problems. Unfortunately, invisible braces cannot be used to correct bite issues or other functional problems.

Invisible braces are most popular among adults, since many of them find wearing traditional metal braces embarassing at their age. Invisible braces are not only impossible to notice, but they can also be removed for a couple of hours per day. The treatment usually last between 10 and 24 months. Invisible braces are a more gentle solution than traditional braces as the appliance isn’t made of metal.

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Cost of adult braces

In the below table we compare the prices of Damon Q, Damon Clear  and Clear Aligner braces, to help you estimate the cost of the orthodontic treatment at our clinic:

Damon Q braces Damon Clear braces Clear Aligner braces
Orthodontic consultation 8 000 Ft 8 000 Ft 8 000 Ft
Panorámic x-ray 6 000 Ft 6 000 Ft 6 000 Ft
Planning fee 24 200 Ft 24 200 Ft 128 700 Ft
Orthodontic appliance 220 000 Ft 242 000 Ft 39 600 Ft /db*
Removable retainer 36 300 Ft 36 300 Ft 36 300 Ft
Fixed retainer 22 000 Ft 22 000 Ft 22 000 Ft
Total** 316 500 Ft 338 500 Ft 240 600 Ft

*The cost of the Clear Aligner splint should be added to the total multiple times, according to the number of splints recommended by the orthodontist.

**The above prices are for one jaw and they do not contain the cost of the consultations necessary during the treatment. The price of a consultation is 22 000 Ft. The number of consultations needed depends on the length of the treatment, which the orthodontist determines during the planning.

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